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Innovation in energy

Energy UK continues its leadership in the low carbon transport arena by driving forwards the development of standards for smart charging in a position paper and consultation document on Acceptable Standards for Smart Charging. The consultation pre-empts work to be done by OLEV in developing mandatory standards for charge points, which will require all charge points to incorporate a level of smart capability to enable avoidance of network constraints.

The Flexibility Working Group and NESH Committee led the development of a paper examining near-term decisions to clarify uncertainty surrounding Roles and Responsibilities in the Provision of Flexibility. The paper examined the need for decisions on responsibility for imbalance payments and ownership or operation of storage assets or aggregation activities by network operators, as well as recommending the expansion of existing consumer protections across new business models and improvements to monitoring and communications capabilities across distribution networks.

Energy UK this year established an EV Charging Forum, a closed group for UK charge point operators to discuss and input into the EV Energy Taskforce and create common messaging. The group is free to join and is successfully bringing together the majority of the market to remove barriers to faster uptake of EVs.
The group met for the first time in September and agreed a Terms of Reference and areas of focus. Papers explaining the group and any agreed policy positions will be made publicly available to enable industry to move forwards swiftly.

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